Your enrollment project is unique and designed to meet your specific needs.

No two organizations are alike. That is why you will never see a "cut-and-paste“ enrollment solution from Enrollment Resources Group. We are committed to providing you and your employees the best enrollment experience. Blending people with technology results in both personalized education and clean enrollment data.


Onsite, face-to-face enrollments serve to provide personalized one-on-one education to your employees. Our salaried Benefit Specialists come to your location to speak with your employees, answer any questions that they may have, and enroll them in their benefit choices. It's a hands-on approach that allows us to be there, in person, step-by-step during your enrollment process.


Our onsite methods can be replicated through our call center. Located in Chicago, Illinois, our state of the art call center has the capacity and technology to manage complex and geographically dispersed clients with ease -- using both inbound and outbound schedules.


We have the capabilities to provide an easy-to-use, online employee self-service software. In order to provide full support for your health and welfare benefit offerings, we have the ability to integrate your existing online system or provide new technology to your company.

With all of these tools at your disposal, Enrollment Resources Group can help you create the best enrollment experience for you and your employees.