Complicated benefits? Making plan changes? We help your employees understand the bottom line of your benefits plan.

Benefit programs are becoming more complex and challenging to understand. As a result, Human Resource professionals are seeking out resources to advance their employee communications and engagement strategies. One proven method is to engage in one-on-one personal education. By utilizing E.R.G., other organizations have made great strides in the following areas:

  • Medical plan education (plan features and specifications)
  • Deliver and review Total Compensation Statements
  • Explain plan changes (all health and welfare plans)
  • Self-service roll out and assistance (full-service enrollment)
  • Improve employee participation and understanding in:
    • Consumer driven health plans (HSAs, HRAs)
    • Retirement plans
    • Wellness programs
    • Pre-tax programs (FSAs, 401k, etc.)
    • Safety programs

The choice is yours on what E.R.G. can communicate! The goal is to extend the reach of Human Resources and improve employee understanding, awareness, and appreciation of the overall corporate investments and objectives.


We provide you with a team of salaried Benefit Counselors to work on your behalf. To ensure excellence, we invest significant time and energy to train our Benefit Counselors on all aspects of your organization so that your employees are informed to make the best decisions. All of our Benefit Counselors are noncommissioned, which means education is our main concern, not sales. With over 12 years of experience, our Benefit Counselors are licensed and focused on providing personalized education to your employees. Through our extensive pre-enrollment training, our Benefit Counselors will be able to answer any questions that your employees may have.

Resources to help educate employees:

  • Medical comparison tool
  • Total Compensation Statements
  • Custom benefit communications


Not a problem! We have bilingual benefit counselors ready to clarify any confusion. No matter what language your employees may speak, our counselors will do all that it takes to provide the necessary education and enrollment assistance for your associates.